These are some of the many happy customers that took the time to write a testimonial, We really appretiate your feedback. Thank you.


"Been working with Terry to get my 10x12 sheds sold, he has always been prompt and professional and knows what he is doing when it comes to moving sheds."


"Terry did an awesome job moving my shed, Thanks again."

Tod S

"If you need a shed moved this is the guy for the job, I was amazed how fast and easy he moved my shed."


"I thought about moving a shed I found on CL myself with my car trailer, than a friend recommended I call Terry to move it, I'm so glad I did it worked out better than I could have imagined, with his set up it was really easy for him and cheap for me."

Brad M

"Wow, this guy knows how to move a shed fast and cheap, I can't wait to find another shed for him to move to my house for me, his set up is just amazing to see in action.

George L

Terry, just wanted to tell you one more time,  Thank you very  much,  it was so smooth and easy.  It's nice when people deliver what they say in a friendly  and professional manner. If I ever can send you business I will do that.  Thank you, Dean

Terry did an amazing job moving my shed, I would highly recommend him to move a shed, he was very prompt and was able to move my shed amazing fast with his amazing shed trailer.

Don H

I had Terry move a spa for me yesterday and it went as smooth as you could imagine, he was extremely careful and did a great job. Thanks again

Joan R

I see why he charges less than anybody else, with his custom trailer it was extremely fast and easy for him to move my shed, I give him AAAAA++++++

Rudy A

I spoke to my wife a few minutes ago and she is beyond happy with your service. I want to say thank you for getting my container moved in a professional manner, I'll certainly keep you in mind if I know anyone that' looking to get a shed or container moved.


I'm real happy I called you, you saved me over half of what the other guy was going to charge, he tried everything to make you look bad saying that you damaged sheds etc just to try get me to pay more for his service, After watching your set up work and all the extra care you took moving my shed, I don't see how that's very possible. Thanks again for the awesome service you provide.

Bill S

I called Terry to sell my storage sheds because we had to move and we could not keep them anymore, he was very honest about the value of the sheds and how much they were worth, he was very prompt to pay and come pick them up, I will be calling him in the future if I need a shed or one moved he made it look so easy.


I had a large 12x16 very heavy building insulated and sheet rocked. Much heavier than a normal shed. Terry was propt professional and moved it to my house and got it set up perfectly. 

I give him 5 out 5 stars. 

Jack D

Terry bought and moved my two sheds. The transaction was fast and easy he had all the right tools to get sheds out of the awkward space they where in, I would highly recommend his services to anyone.


We called Terry about moving two 8x16 sheds from Fallon to Reno then a friend of mine says hay lets use my trailer so I agreed to so we moved one shed and it took 4 guys all day with some damage to the shed we decided to call Terry back, he came out the next day by himself had the shed loaded and strapped down in 30 min or less with not even a scratch on it.  I wish I had him just move both in the first place, Thanks again


We had Terry move our two sheds from one house to another, but before we called him we didn't really think that it would cost effective to even move them due to the difficulty involved, after calling Terry and giving him a brief description of what had to be done he came out with his bigger trailer and used his new machine called the Mule I think and pulled both of them out with ease, putt them on his trailer and transported both to our new home 50 miles away, kudos to this guy what a wonderful service he provides.

Susan H

I had Terry come out to move our extra large shed across the yard, shed was not built to be loaded onto the normal shed moving trailer so he used his new shed moving machine, mule I think, I was impressed he did not need any help. I would highly recommend him for just about any type of shed move you may need, he seems to have all the tools needed. 


We sold two sheds to Terry. He was very professional and has all the equipment to get the job done quickly. Great communication and very responsive to messages. Don't hesitate to contact Terry the shed mover for Moving/relocation/reposition needs. 

Tele R

I called Terry about a shed he had for sale and asked him to send pictures of the it, so he did they all looked good, he was honest about the minor repairs or things that it needed mostly just small cosmetic things. I bought it site unseen and couldn't be happier. I saved over half of what it would have costed for a new shed he could have sold this shed for a lot more than he did. I'm very grateful for the service he provides. Oh and that mule thing he has is amazing without that I don't know how we would have gotten in my back yard.

Jerry S

Thank you so much for moving our new shed for us. It's going to be a huge help as we settle into our new office, You make the process so easy and we will definently reach out to you again next time we have a shed to move. Thanks again we really appreciate your help.