Our services are: Moving sheds, containers, most anything storage related. Also Buying and Selling refurbished sheds.

Geographic Relocation

We are located just outside of Carson City  and can provide shed relocation in the Greater Northern Nevada area. ie: Reno, Carson City, Fernley, Fallon, Wellington, Yerrington, Tahoe, etc.  And some of California!

This is my old truck as you can see it would have been hard to putt the shed moving mule on this truck so I had to get a new one.

My new truck has customized specifically for moving sheds and most all storage related buildings.

I have ventured where most will not, moving a tuff shed with my mule. Special bolt on brackets had to be built to overcome this challenge.
I can also move large buildings with the mule and or my large trailer. Mule is always on the truck.

Specialized moving equipment is made to safely move sheds in and out of position. Sometimes this "shed mule" is used more extensively in places where use of a large trailer may risk damage to landscaping, sprinkler systems, grass, trees, flowers, patios or shrubs. Not taking these important risk factors into consideration may result in extensive damage to these items which may result in expensive repairs and replacement. .

Relocate Other Structures

I can also move your hot with your shed most of the time as long as you supply the manpower to move the tub, sheds are easy tubs are not.

   I get a lot of requests to move HOT TUBS by themselves. This I will refer you to Dan Powers, his info Is: 775-287-0135. He will bring all the man power and experience needed.

I can also move 20' shipping containers. Sorry no 40' containers at this time. For those long moves I can move multiple sheds at one time to save you a lot of expense.

Buy and Sell Sheds

I buy and refurbish older sheds that need some T.L.C.  I then sell and deliver these sheds with no additional delivery charge. sometimes saving you over half of what a new shed would cost.


These sheds where built on site by Tough shed, they where not designed to be moved like a normal shed with skids, they have been my biggest learning curve but I got most of them figured out now, I have built rollers for these sheds to be able to be moved safely without any frame damage. These sheds only have 3 or 4 floor joists in the middle so they should be set onto flat level ground and or with about 2 to 3 inches of level gravel is best. There are other ways of leveling but they are very difficult, not very safe and very time consuming.

Here we have a 15' tall shed, max shed height is 12'2'' on the trailer.  so after putting the shed on the trailer we are at 15' tall. That's Nevada, California is 14' tall.  
    These type of shed moves are rare and a little more costly but can be done without damage if all the right prep work has been done first.